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Community collaboration for finding suitable Chartio replacements


Adam’s take: I have some hands-on experience with Superset. Frankly I am surprised it has taken this long to have a good open-source option. If you have used Airflow, the “feel” of the app is very similar. It feels like stepping into an airplane cockpit. Although there are hundreds of buttons and switches, intuitively you know that you are only going to need 10 of them or so in a normal situation. The issue is–which 10?

Thankfully, Maxime and co have raised a bunch of money and have dozens of paid engineers working to make the product better, without abandoning the open source principles that got the whole project started.

Superset is already scaling to thousands of users at places like AirBnb and other tech giants.

So, I’m excited where this project is going, and it is already very capable. But it is early and the UX has a long way to go.

Barbara’s take There are 45 charts built in which is very robust. There are also good options for fine tuning presentation. The charts are highcharts but it you want to add a chart it requires following a request and release process. There is no way to add a custom high chart. Dashboards have tabs which I really appreciate. The filters allow you to choose which widget or chart to apply it to. You can fine tune presentation with CSS. CSS is based on their classes so it is possible there is some limitations.

Support is very accessible. There is a chat box which will send an email ticket if no one is around. I received a response fairly quickly. The only problem is when you need to request something like reports and alerts. There is a release schedule that is followed.

Overall I am impressed and looking forward to seeing where this tool goes. I would like to see more focus on the dashboard side of things but the number of charts available and configuration options makes it a serious contender.

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The Vendor’s pitch

This is an area for the vendor to provide some information. If you have a contact, please ask vendor to edit this area to talk about how their product compares to Chartio!

  1. How does your product compare to Chartio?
  2. How is your product positioned in the market? What are your key differentiators?
  3. What helps can you provide to plan for licensing and implementation costs?