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Community collaboration for finding suitable Chartio replacements

Chartio Migration Research πŸ‘‹πŸšš

This is all of our research to help you find a Chartio replacement. With πŸ’– from Datateer and the rest of the Chartio community!

πŸ†•New! Migration estimation template

Free google sheet to estimate migration projects. Please share!


Summary analysis

Apples-to-apples comparison


This research started from Datateer’s evaluation matrix of BI products and tools. We focus on two use cases, and our evaluation criteria reflects that.

  1. Internal analytics and BI
  2. Customer-facing, embedded analytics

Given the variety of clients we serve, we hope this is reasonably representative of your needs as well!

Detailed analysis and experiences

Learn from others’ experience and opinions! Below are the

Migration guides


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